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Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin Halving ended up being a non event so far. The price of bitcoin barely registered a ripple after the event. Going forward as the market comes to terms with the decline in the supply of new bitcoin being produced the markets will begin to adjust accordingly.

The speculation is over and any dramatic changes regarding the value of Bitcoin will probably happen within the coming months if they occur at all.Bitcoin saw some volatility in the last few months, which was overall positive considering BTC rose from $420 to $630 in a period of 3 months, reaching the $789.78 (Data via Bitfinex) mark on the 16th of June.So what does the future hold for the 12,5 block reward Bitcoin? Some worry the block reward reduction will cause a big portion of miners to abandon the industry, thus slowing the Bitcoin blockchain, which would in turn cause the price to drop and drive even more miners out of the business, in a downward avalanche that could end Bitcoin (a Death Spiral).This would be the worst case scenario for Bitcoin, which is unlikely to happen to the first cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $10.07 billion.

Source: Nothing Happened After The Bitcoin Block Reward Halving – NEWSBTC